How it works?

Platform: Instagram/Facebook
💕 Vpink will pick 777 lucky girls to share our love, each of them will receive a free pair of earrings and a 50% off coupon code(sitewide available)
💕 The code can be shared to her/his friends
💕 These lucky girl's BFF can get 50% off with the code and get a FREE pair of earrings at the same time
💕 Whenever a BFF buys (using the code), the lucky girl will get another pair of FREE earrings + 50% off coupon code
💕 After you receive the earring, show a photo of you wearing it on Instagram and @vpinkofficial / or on Facebook and @vpinkstyle, then #shareloveforpeace #stopwar #moreyousharemoreyouhave, and get another pair of FREE earrings + 50% off voucher again!
💕 Every BFF can DM us to get her own exclusive code and share it to her BFF, every time her exclusive code is used, she and her BFF will each get an extra pair of free earrings + extra 50% off code



*All the free earrings you get will be shipped with your next order!

  • You are the lucky one!

  • Get a FREE earring & 50% off voucher

  • Share your love to your BFF

  • The more your code is used, the more FREE earrings you get

  • Post on Instagram/Facebook

    Instagram: @vpinkofficial

    Facebook: @vpinkstyle

    #shareloveforpeace #stopwar #moreyousharemoreyouhave


I was lucky to win, but the FREE earrings I received is not the style I like, can I return or exchange it?

Congratulations! You are very lucky! But if you don't like the style you received, maybe you can give it to a friend as a gift? Because it is free, it cannot be returned or exchanged for cash or points.

I see my friends getting free earrings every day and I want them too, what should I do?

I think you and your BFF are beautiful and kind girl who are willing to share! Your BFF got an exclusive coupon code from us and shared it with her BFF, and every time someone uses it, she gets an extra gift - a free pair of earrings and a rare 50% off coupon!

You can DM us on Instagram / Facebook and we'll send you your own exclusive code, which you can use or share with your BFF, so you can probably get free earrings every day too!

Great, I shared my code and got a free pair of earrings! How do I redeem them?

That's great girl! Keep an eye out for a message each time you get a new pair of free earrings that includes a rare 50%off coupon code. Use that coupon code for purchases on our site (available sitewide, except for gift cards) and a coupon code will be sent to you with the pair of free earrings you get!

If you get more than one pair of free earrings, please split your order into multiple orders and use the corresponding 50%off coupon code for each order, then the free earrings will be shipped out with the corresponding order!

I got 5 pairs of free earrings and placed 5 orders to redeem them, I'm not sure if I'll receive 5 pairs of the same free earrings?

A: Don't worry, we will try to avoid the same earrings (if there are too many, you may receive the same earrings, if you are not satisfied you can contact us via Instagram/Facebook/email, we'll reply within 72 hours)

How much and how long will it take for my order to ship?

Premium shipping: We offer free worldwide shipping for limited time ONLY!
Shipping and handling times depend on the item you order, generally we take 3-5 business days to process orders. Shipping for each product is shown on each individual product page (US, Australia, UK, will be delivered within 15 days)

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